Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blog blog blog

Well, I made it through the weekend with only a minor contusion from bicycle jousting and congested sinuses from an extended bout of sandpapering.

It has been brought to my attention that opening night is not far off, but I subscribe more to the 'Keep calm and carry on' school of thought than the 'Jesus is coming - Look busy!' approach. I've been nibbling away at this body of work since July last year and I don't really fancy the late nights/groundrush panic that deadlines can cause.

I mean, I do a good job pretending that I pootle along to work at a godly hour stopping in for coffee at an increasing number of venues. In actual fact I keep regular hours, maybe sneaking in an early morning stop on my way to the studio and I've never been able to shake a modicum of guilt I feel at even that. I'm like Andy Warhol but without any of the glamour and drama - it's just a factory and I'm off to work.

However, for all my routine and planning, it must be said that I have no idea where I'm going with this entry. Except maybe in the direction that says that no blog is complete without a short essay on blogging.

Web 2.0. We can all take part, we can all generate content.

Well, what about English 101 or Intermediate Phase Design? I'm not sure we should all be doing this. Sometimes a trawl around the web feels like a visit to your local Der Blaue Reiter exhibition where someone has swapped out some of the works with kids' paintings and stolen all the labels. Click on a wrong link here and you could be somewhere pretty scary in another three clicks' time.

Then there's the Trojan Horse Effect where the biggest bollox can be dressed up in the latest Flash, or its opposite, where the most valuable resource can look like, well, bollox. It's alarming that even I, pretty much a Luddite, can develop and maintain my own website. At least I can sort of string a sentence. Together.

And Twitter. Have you heard about the urologist called Dr. Piss?

So, in time-honoured essay writing tradition, I've said what I'm going to say, I've said it, and now I'm saying I said it.

There. It's fun being cranky, no?